Pats At Punalu'u New Injection Well

There is a large swath of the windward side of Oahu from Kahalu’u to Kahuku struggles with rising sea levels, heavy rains and confined area for disposal. Pats At Punalu’u, a beautiful condominium located on the beach, had the misfortune of finding their current injection well system failing. Laulea Engineering worked with Precision Drillling, Glover Construction and Intera Geosciences to design a deeper and larger injection well to take the place of the existing well system. Confined by a tight working area, a high sea level and a busy hurricane season, the project came with its share of challenges. The well was completed in early October 2018 with a final depth of 75 feet and 12 inches in diameter. Special gravel was shipped in from Mexico to support the continued operation and life span of the well considering its importance. Laulea designed the injection well with Intera Geosciences, the connection and piping to the current injection well system, managed the project and permitted through Hawaii Department of Health Wastewater Branch and Safe Drinking Water Branch.