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Our Company

Laulea Engineering, LLC is a locally owned and operated professional engineering and environmental company based in Oahu. As a full-service wastewater and environmental engineering firm providing turn-key design, planning, assessment, and construction monitoring services – Services include but are not limited to wastewater treatment design for residential and commercial clients from individual wastewater systems to wastewater treatment works; Underground Injection Control (UIC) program monitoring and compliance; Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan preparation and certification; Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments; Underground Storage Tank (UST) closure assessments; and soil, groundwater, and soil vapor sampling.

Since 2013, our dedication to environmental preservation and our local communities has been an ongoing practice, our company culture, and a top priority. This is reflected in our active and voluntary leadership in organizations directly impacting the state we live in, as well as the innovative solutions we put forth with organizations we partner with. While we strictly follow industry compliance standards for safety and regulation, we also work creatively with our clients to ensure that all of our projects meet or exceed their expectations.

Overall, Laulea Engineering possesses a history, track record, and expertise in providing leading quality, customizable, and cost-effective solutions in Hawai’i – addressing the needs of the wastewater and environmental industry and ensuring that all end-state solutions are sustainable, effective, and efficient.

Our ethos:

• Think outside the box
• Produce creative solutions
• Work closely in tandem with clients

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